case-mateSoSkild believes that every smartphone user deserves ultimate protection, irrespective of his or her lifestyle. Everyone has a different view on what “ultimate protection” actually means.

SoSkild guarantees this by opting for protection based on a centuries-old proven construction: a structure which can absorb energy and can be clearly explained. The brand developed this in cooperation with experts.

SoSkild smartphone cases are equipped with a proprietary Zigzag structure® and screen protectors made from double toughened glass to ensure that people keep enjoying their smartphone despite the kind of lifestyle they have. This Zigzag structure is based on the principle of a triangle. The triangle has been used as a building structure for thousands of years. The triangle is known in physics as one of the strongest structures there is. The direction of any impact on the point of the triangle is changed thanks to its unique shape. By incorporating the triangle in the edges of SoSkild cases, any impact is distributed to the edges of the case instead of the telephone’s.

The SoSkild products have Shock Absorbing Structure, they are Tested by TÜV Nord and come with Lifelong Warranty.