ZAGG Inc (NASDAQ: ZAGG) is a publicly traded company based in South Salt Lake, Utah. It is best known for its line of protective coverings for consumer electronics and hand-held devices.

The company’s flagship product, the invisibleSHIELD, was created by Phillip Chipping, who then formed Protective Solutions, Inc. in March 2005 and started selling the invisibleSHIELD product online, and in locally-owned gadget retailers.  Due to the high level of response, the company began designing full-body invisibleSHIELDs for many different types of electronic gadgets.

In a few years, ZAGG reached to sell over 7 million pieces of it’s flagship product and expanded its variety into related segments; today the company designs , produces, and distributes cases, keyboards, amplifying speakers, earbuds traditional headphones, and gaming headphones for mobile and media in the value-priced lifestyle sector.

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